Following roles are able to spy:

  • esper (one spy at day/night)
  • dayspy (spy every day)
  • spy (spy every night)
  • psychic yandere (one spy at day)
  • cloaked psychic yandere (one spy at day)
  • yandere spy (spy every day)

Three former are good roles and three latter evil roles.

Role spying table Edit

Following roles appear as different roles to spies. If multiple roles are listed in appearences, then one is chosen randomly.

Role Appears as
tsundere yandere, psychic yandere, yandere ronin, yandere senpai, yandere doppelganger, chocolate yandere1
snoop yandere, psychic yandere, yandere doppelganger, yandere senpai, vanilla yandere1
detective yandere, yandere spy, yandere doppelganger, strawberry yandere1
cloaked yandere civilian, tokokyohi, hikikomori, nurse, guardian, warrior, shogun, witness, stalker
cloaked psychic yandere civilian, tokokyohi, hikikomori, nurse, guardian, warrior, shogun, esper, dayspy, spy
trap civilian, tokokyohi, hikikomori, nurse, guardian, warrior, witness, snoop, detective

1) These roles aren't real roles and are unique appearences to these good roles. Therefore, if one spies someone as vanilla yandere, he can vouch that person being snoop.

2) No role appears as snoop or detective besides trap. Therefore spying trap as snoop or detective makes that person a sure trap.

Safe roles Edit

Following roles can be spyed and vouched after as nothing else looks like them:

  • idol
  • janitor
  • ronin
  • samurai
  • sensei
  • shisho
  • tsundere who looks like a chocolate yandere
  • snoop who looks like a vanilla yandere
  • detective who looks like a strawberry yandere
  • baka ranger, psychic idiot, idiot savant, myth, null carrier (anti vouch)

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