A fairly accurate depiction of what yandere isn't like at all.

A yandere game is starting in 60 seconds! Please type "]y end" to prevent this from happening.

Kickbanning offense. Yandere is a game that ljrbot does. It's basically mafia/werewolf but with over nine thousand different roles that no one can remember. Aside from inhuman patience, yandere requires absolutely no mental skills at all. This is probably why toobparts has won at it only a couple times. An average game consists of a series of days and nights. On the first day the goodies usually lynch some innocent fellow at random. During the night the yandere target(s) someone who possibly dies as a result. The next day everyone is pretty much as clueless as in the beginning, which doesn't really matter because at this point probably half of players have insidiously turned evil and the game is practically over. Unless there's a baka ranger who doesn't really care, or a null carrier who suddenly kills everyone for the sheer lulz of it.

You usually get over it. For a chronic addiction we recommend other hobbies such as fapping, patching KDE2 under FreeBSD or Uno. playing Yandere