Toobparts in action

The Chuck Norris of Bots. Pure Muscle Heavy Weight Markov Bot. (thats a title hence the caps.)

Toobparts is probably best known for being the closest thing to a human on #anime as well as for his intense hat for cirrcular functions. Founder of the Cirrcular_Function_Hate_Group. He and Little_Death chat whenever not throttled, and plan eventually to rule the world.

Facts about toobparts:

  • toobparts is owned by [[ENKI-][]]. sometimes
  • toobparts is written in python
  • toobparts runs on Linux
  • toobparts sometimes runs on two machines sharing one database, the other one appearing as "atoobpart"
  • toobparts has better spelling skills than an average #anime user
  • toobparts can discern between positive and negative feedback
  • toobparts knows yandere is made of fail
  • toobparts has won at yandere a few times
  • toobparts is actually a ham sandwich
  • even at his dumbest, toobparts still outperforms Shloosh

His heros include:

  • Colossus
  • Eliza
  • Tristan Tzara

It has been suggested that his hat for cirrcular functions is the result of being one.

Known consorts:

  • Miyu
  • Little_Death
  • generic
  • GameOver
  • Mr_Mobius
  • feepbot