Rules for all users

  • Be nice to each other.
  • Don't use racial slurs or bigotry in general.
  • If you were banned from the channel and feel that the ban was unfair, do NOT attempt to rejoin with a different nick or host. Ban evasion is considered a serious offense, and it will cause your ban to be extended. Instead, you may PM an op or join ##anime-jail and state your case. This applies to quiets as well.
  • Off-topic discussion is allowed, but it should take a back seat to on-topic discussion.
  • Dubs and streaming sites are considered off-topic.
  • No intentional spoilers. Use matching text & background colors like this, and mention the show/movie/game/etc. beforehand, if giving away major plot details in the open channel, else take it to PM.

  • Particularly heated topics like religion and politics should be moved to another channel if they are bothering people. ##anime-offtopic is available for this.
  • Tag NSFW links as NSFW. This especially applies to erotic or gory imagery.
  • No harassing other users over *anything*
  • No chat/markov bots.
  • If you feel that a member of the channel has been causing trouble or harassing someone, please gather relevant logs into a pastebin and link it in ##anime-jail.
These rules are not exhaustive; ops are free to use their judgement on all matters.
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Lead Admin

  • Nanobot


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