<+EricTheHax> dont worry i banned him internally
<@Dayla> dont worry, its not a tubgirl pic
<+generic> dont worry Hank_el-Bashir alot of people wish they could be like you
<+_generic> dont worry hes not here
<+EricTheHax> slowing down rly helped. I made one of some random chick pulling a kind of pissed-off-yet-kinda-smiling face. It still needs cleaning up and probably more shading, but it's about a billion percent better than shit i usually draw trust me. (I tried making the nose with a shading technique, cause i seem to see that a little often). yes i know i shoulda kept my focus on luma and dont worry abou
<+yokatta> Vohveli is just a program, dont worry about him
<+generic> dont worry
<+generic> toobparts_: dont worry your our pride and jow
<+generic_> lainwir3d: dont worry
<+generic> dont worry luke-jr wont talk about religion either in fornt of you. It's done now stop shortcircuit
<+generic> dont worry
<+[Shloosh]> shortcircuit: oh, don't worry. Most of them don't even know what Hamlet is.
<+Eladar> don't worry :P
<+Eladar> ENKI-][: you're welcome to duck face...don't worry about it :P
<@shortcircuit> ENKI-][: I forget if it's Faustov or Eladar, but one of them will...You know what? Don't worry about it.
<@Rosalia> ENKI-][, don't worry, I can find a guy to feed my cactus if need be.
<@ENKI-][> Cammy: don't worry about it. our bots are badass. they pass as human A LOT.
<@Eladar> Lets_trade_RNA: Don't worry man...I love you to!! MAN LOVE!!
<@lainwir3d> just a bad joke, don't worry
<@Nanobot> Rosalia: Don't worry, I'll let you play
<@ENKI-][> toobparts: i have the logs, don't worry.
<+DarkFeeling> I need help, I need someone to tell me what a vid says... don't worry it last like 20segs
<@ENKI-][> tree: but don't worry. you can break her. eventually she will believe you two are dating.
<+konraddo> don't worry :P
<@shortcircuit> Erlange: Don't worry; It's reversible.
<+Eladar> Haskill: don't worry about yokky, he tries to be cool, but acts like a 12 year old little bitch
<@Erlange> We'll lynch her aftwards. Don't worry, yok.
<@shortcircuit> Hell, any worry. I don't worry, it's the people around me that worry.
<+generic> Mr_mobius: Don't worry I will always love you
* shortcircuit tries to remember whe has an AMV to Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry, Be Happy"
<@Bananobot> N1kk1: Don't worry about it. I accuse th0br0 of being a child molester when he isn't around.
<@ENKI-][> superlou: don't worry. stick around and you'll get +o to abuse too
<+konraddo> don't worry, my english isn't good, too.
<@Nanobot> Don't worry, I won't kill Elyzah tonight
<@Jolt> shortcircuit: and about the op status, don't worry i am abit too mature to find it fun to ruin stuff for other people.
<@otako> i'm trap, don't worry
<+konraddo> don't worry
<@otako> don't worry, i don't leave bans on overnight
<@otako> don't worry, he can't play
<+gravaera> luke-jr: it's okay just continue playing . Don't worry about my personal scruples.
<@lainwir3d> konraddo: but don't worry, once the series is over, you'll love us
<@Vohveli> notk0: I do receive your messages, don't worry about that
<+generic> Don't worry, hank will be in for a big face rubbing as well.
<+generic> But don't worry you are normal.
<@ENKI-][> toobparts: don't worry about it.
<@Lamperi> Don't worry, be happy
<+imposter_generic> And we. We are seriously going to rape her. But don't worry. She likes it, shes a whore you see....
<+Erlange> Don't worry, I'll take steroids or wear power armor or something

<@otako> lonelyfetus: don't worry, we can abort you